Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is one of the most important tools for chemical analysis.

NMR makes it possible to identify the products of synthesis, follow the processes of sample changes, study the composition of mixtures of natural products, and verify their geographical origin. It is also one of the main tools for medical screening (metabolomics). However, taking full advantage of NMR's capabilities is not straightforward. Hundreds of different measurements are possible with an NMR spectrometer, the selection and interpretation of which require expert knowledge.

The Spektrino team offers professional measurement services using modern NMR tools. We have been developing NMR spectroscopy methods for the most difficult experimental cases for years. Therefore, we will provide you with high-quality data, help you interpret it, and advise you on the possible use of complementary techniques.

Our offer includes:

Spektrino will select the right measurement method, apply it quickly and efficiently, and prepare a professional report for you.