We offer products and services in four main areas:

1. Compressed sampling algorithms and dedicated signal processing methods

We can design algorithms that meet the specific requirements of your scientific or technical problem. Whether you work in spectroscopy, image processing, radars or another area based on digital signal processing, our team can help.

2. Consulting services for NMR spectroscopy methodology

Our team includes world experts in NMR methodology.
We offer expertise in:

3. Mobile applications for remote monitoring of hardware status

Most tools in modern analytical laboratories are highly automated
But even the most advanced hardware can go wrong or suddenly be affected by environmental conditions. That makes remote reporting crucial. We can develop a mobile app for your Android or iOS system that allows you to stay in continuous contact with your hardware.

Our main mobile product, Statusino, enables you to monitor the status of your NMR spectrometer using your smartphone. Statusino works with Bruker and Agilent machines, providing you with key data on temperature, lock level, pulse sequence used and time remaining to end of experiment..

Statusino is not just a gadget – it has already rescued dozens of experiments that unexpectedly went wrong.

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4. Programming solutions

We can implement your algorithm or idea in a fast, efficient, multithread program. Our team of programmers can transform any algorithm, whether original or taken from a publication, into the most reliable code possible.