Statusino-NMR mobile App. Mobile connection with your NMR lab

Statusino, the mobile application for monitoring NMR spectrometers from your smartphone.

Technical Details

Statusino-NMR mobile App on iPhone

Statusino is compatible with both Agilent and Bruker spectrometers. It consists of three modules:

1.1 Server script installed on the customer's spectrometer

The script is a short, open-source bash script that is easy to understand. That means that customers can check the code before installing it on the computer driving the spectrometer. The script continuously monitors the log files and collects acquisition details. It then sends this data in compressed form to the Spektrino server, using standard Web protocols, with a report every ten seconds. Communication is one-way only: No data or commands are sent from the Spektrino server to the customer's spectrometer. There is no need for a public IP or any other complicated Web setup. If the Web browser can be opened on the computer, Statusino will also work there.

1.2 Spektrino server

The Spektrino server, operated and maintained by Spektrino, stores the data for ten seconds. No customer data is gathered. The server also provides usage statistics.

1.3 Mobile application

The mobile application can be installed on a smartphone. It connects to the Spektrino server and downloads the current spectrometer status data. This data is then displayed on the app in an attractive graphical interface.

Statusino-NMR mobile App. How the status of spectrometer is monitored